Well crafted and fitted dentures are essential both to your health and nutrition as well as self esteem.

Missing or substantially worn teeth, are not only unpleasing aesthetically, but also add extra pressure to other teeth and contribute to their faster decay, not to mention the constant feeling of discomfort.

Denturist will give you the detailed consultation on the available options and materials, and will recommend the strategy that will work best with your lifestyle, budget and health conditions.

Depending on the situation you might need complete or partial dentures

Full mouth dentures are recommended when all of patient’s teeth has been lost. Complete dentures are removable and held in place by suction.

Although it might take time to get used to, they prove to be an excellent substitute for natural teeth in look and function.

When you will come to our office for assessment we will go over in detail with you on what to expect, what is the best choice, and how to look after your dentures after they are in place.

Partial dentures are designed to replace only part of your teeth – one or, in some cases, a few. They are designed to be removable and fit well with other teeth for natural look.

Another positive feature is that they are preventing the remaining teeth from loosening and shifting, and minimize the pressure helping to maintain their health for a longer period of time.

There is a range of modern state of the art non- toxic materials on the market that offer a great naturalistic look together with excellent function and durability. They fall into 2 main categories:

  • metal
  • acrylic

While metal ones are smaller scale and easier to adapt, very naturalistic looking and allow for matching your natural color of existing teeth, but more labor intensive in production. The acrylic require more maintenance, bulkier and need more time to adapt, and also are prone to breakage, are much easier to manufacture and come at a lower price tag.

Dentures on implants. Dentures on implants are a great solution that is much less costly than full implants, dos not affect the gums that much, and at the same time, also are more comfortable than full dentures, as they are attached securely to implants. Of course, for this type of dentures, implants have to be surgically inserted in the gums to provide the necessary support.

We will make sure you are well informed and comfortable when making decisions on the dentures that are right fit for you 

Call our office to book detailed consultation.