Digital X-Ray

Digital X- Ray imaging is instrumental to accurate diagnostics of the dental problems, since the most vulnerable part of the tooth is hidden.

It will help identify the exact cause of concern – whether it is the root or the tooth itself. Its function stretches far beyond emergencies and acute conditions.

It is essential for regular teeth care as it identifies not only existing but potential problems as well and will help to determine the course of treatments and procedures in future. It helps to identify:

  • Teeth Cavities
  • Root inflammations
  • Inflammation under crowns
  • Tooth spacing & occlusal problems
  • Gum disease
  • Jaw bone abnormalities

We use the most recent digital X-ray equipment that subjects clients to less 90 % radiation and allows for the higher precision images. The X-ray imaging is performed by trained personnel with years of experience.

We make sure that you are comfortable during the entire procedure.The results are ready within minutes!

You do not need to wait till the next appointment to discuss the next step of treatment with your doctor.

The digital X- ray results are kept at our office on file and may be sent to your e-mail now should you need them for future reference!